In honor of Mother's Day, let's get vulnerable. I have facial hair.

It's just a fact of life and I wish I had known how to get rid of it earlier than I did. Maybe this is just what you're looking for, maybe you share my lot in life, or maybe you want to send this recommendation on to someone else.

I can remember being self conscious of my lady mustache for a long time before I had the courage to ask for help. I think I finally asked my mom and if felt like a bold move in that first conversation (I was well over 20). The curse of dark hair means you can really see those hairs! I was embarrassed about my mustache, but knew there had to be an easy way to solve the problem. It's funny though, my mom has always done something about her upper-lip hair, I just never saw it.

When the time comes, I'll share the hair secrets with my daughter. Odds are not in her favor to escape this one. It's important to remember that the solution is easy, it's not embarrassing, it's part of life, it's something SO many women deal with, and it's not a big deal. So many things aren't a big deal. The simpler we make it for our kids, the simpler it is for them and us.

I'm assuming if you're here, you want to get rid of your hair. If you're at all like me, waxing sounded scary and shaving sounded like a bad idea. Enter cream.

**I use Oil of Olay hair removal cream and usually pick it up from Target, but you can get an even better deal on Amazon.

Here's some simple steps:

1. It starts with rubbing wax on your upper lip to protect it from the cream.
2. Dab on the cream, leaving it for about 8-10 minutes.
3. Wipe everything off - hair and cream.
4. I rinse and wash my skin with cold water and soap after that and you're done.

I know my mom puts on a protectant cream after to help with any little pimples that might come, but I've never had a problem and do NOT use anything special after the treatment. Just regular lotion and put on makeup as normal.

Don't be embarrassed, just ask. And if you're really feeling the need for a handlebar mustache instead, then I will 100% support you.

And as a shout out for Mom's day:

MOM, thanks for letting me in on your secrets and directing me to this. You are so good at always thinking of other people, you're extremely humble and private, and yet everyone trusts you with their stories, their names, and their lives. It's because you're a really good listener. You are a peacemaker and a doer. You are a helper, a friend, and know how to multitask with the best of them. You sincerely love and dedicate your time to your family. I love your example of hard work, of perseverance when it's not fun to keep going, and of pushing through when time is the only thing that can heal. You "stroke when you don't want to stroke and kick with you don't want to kick." You are my #1 cheerleader and we survived all the younger times when I thought you didn't know anything, just to come out the other side realizing you knew everything. I'm your #1 cheerleader and will always fight on your side. Thank you for your love, your secret grandma powers over my sweet children who love you with their whole little souls, and you're undying dedication to making this world a better place. Happy Mother's Day!

I'll end on the wish that we all have a mustache free day filled with chocolate dipped strawberries.

But just in case you still need a dinner idea, check out my RED LENTIL CURRY with SWEET POTATO CUBES. It's a good one.


  1. Hi Alisa,

    How long does the effect of the Oil of Olay hair removal last before you have to do it again?

    1. I go at least 2-3 weeks before doing it again, although depending on the speed of your growth, you could wait a month. I know people who do it every week, too.

  2. Hey Bonnie!

    I'm so glad I checked your blog and saw this! My little sister just asked me what she should do about this. I'm too blonde to really have to worry about it so I wondered what I should tell her! Just bought her this product-thanks for the tutorial:)

  3. Is the effect bound to be permanent? It’s good that the interval between each session is quite longer than shaving, but I think it would be better if the hair gets thinner and shorter each time it regrows, until it becomes unnoticeable enough that it no longer needs to be removed.

    George Chambers @ Amani Medspa

    1. Unfortunately it is not permanent, but a good solution over shaving for me.


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