Basic Child Apron

This is the first child apron I've made. I made my own pattern by using a large piece of paper, folding it in half, drawing a basic pattern, and cutting it out. Pin the opened pattern on the material or keep it folded and pin it on the fold of the material and then cut. Look at a store bought typical apron for a basic pattern. I added a pocket and bottom strip in the light blue. After hemming the sides, I added ribbon to the sides and each corner on the top for strings to tie around the waist and neck. This would be a perfect size for a 1-2 year-old. For this particular apron, I should have made it a bit longer and wider to fit a 3-4 year-old.


  1. Hey, do make aprons to sale? How much? I am interested...

  2. love it! i gotta make one for my little man sometime. so cute!


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