Lotta Apron

This was a fun apron to make. I've decided I really like reversible aprons, they're so clean looking after you're finished. There is no unfinished edge. They are also much easier than they appear. Sewing two basically finished aprons together just takes a couple of pins and some edge stitching, nothing to sweat about. If you need cheering on, just ask, I'll gladly give it.

I love love love the neck line of this apron. When I saw it, I immediately knew that I'd be making this one. I love the little pleat on the top of the body where the neck ties connect. Such a good idea.

The other reason I love this apron is the embroidery. I hadn't done embroidery on anything before. I loved doing it! It was such a relaxing activity. I'm definitely going to be doing more one future things.

This comes from a book by Lotta Jansdotter. Thus, this is the Lotta Apron. This was a friend's book she purchased from Borders. It comes with the pattern pieces for the apron. It has so many other cute ideas in it as well. I recommend it for everybody.

The back of the apron wraps all the way around and I really like that it's a little bit shorter than other aprons. It covers you're entire body. It will be a great baking apron!

Here's both sides. So cute!

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  1. Ok Bonnie that apron would make a cute dress for my girls-I love it! Your aprons are so cute.


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