I'm off to get clips! Yea for Shoe Sugar!

This is what I've been wanting to do forever!  I'm glad I'm not the only one so now I can have more ideas.

Kathleen Frances has a fantastic blog called Grosgrain that you must see.  This month she is doing Shoe Sugar (as she has called it).  So I'm off to pick up some secure clips to make my own.  I'm sure the hair clips might work, but they could also fall off easily because they lack some teeth.  So depending on your shoe, if you want it to have little teeth marks or not, choose your clip.

I can't link her pictures, but here's some of the buttons with her shoe clips.  I can see this as a 2011 fad...in addition to ruffles, white kitchens, subway art, and t-shirt up-cycling, can't you??

As for my own projects, I'm working on some flower love and a long over-due apron.  PS Have I told you I love fabric covered buttons?

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