My Shirt to Her Dress

I have a pile of clothes that I didn't really like how they fit, and now that I'm pregnant, feel totally fine parting with.  However, as I looked over the pile the other night, I realized there where several things that I could fix for my little girl.

Thanks to my friend Kathie for this shirt, I now have a little dress.  I love that it already had a band around the waist and now fits perfect as a hip band on a dress.

Here's how the shirt began.  I hemmed up the sleeves/shoulders, took in the sides from the armpits down to the hip band (leaving the bottom un-hemmed for some flair), and took off the collar.  It really was simple adjustments to make this work for my girly.  I totally think you should try it.

(ps i hemmed the right sleeve top on this already...and then remembered that i wanted to take a picture first )


  1. oh little girl! so cute:) ps: i did get released from nursery last Sunday. woo hoo! for now, not sure what they're gonna call me into so ... ;)

  2. is there anything you can't do, Bonnie?? I wish I had some of your talent with all these pretty things!


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