Petals you CAN'T live without: The Fabric Daisy

I have been having lots of fun the past couple of days planning out some new flowers!  This is what I have to show.

Looking at this picture of a daisy from this site,  I think it fits perfect with these fantastic flowers.

So although my kids have been running high temps, runny noses, and coughs galore, I've squeezed in some crafting.  They are too cute to pass up, so now it's your turn.

How do you make these?  (follow the link below)

#1 - I found a tutorial at crochet & sweet, simply things from Dawn.
STOP - okay, read her tutorial up to sewing the bottom flower petals together
BUT - instead of using time ironing a middle line...fold the circle in half and crease, then just cut with scissors...way less time consuming and just as good

#2 - So we pick up the tutorial from here.  The bottom flower petals are all sewn together, but leave the long thread uncut!  Just attach the last petal to the first.

#3 - Leaving the thread uncut makes it easy to keep sewing more petals for the SECOND layer of the flower.

(Here the last petal is going on)

 #4 - Anchor the last petal to the first (for the top layer), just as you did for the bottom petals.  Still do not cut the thread.

#5 - Your layers will now be attached by a thread and be able to come apart...we have to fix that.

#6 - Since the thread is still attached, sew your layers together.  Make sure no raw edges are loose in the middle section of your flower.  You want it holding strong.

#7 - As for the back, Dawn used fabric glue, I just used hot glue.  Cut some felt to just cover the raw middle circle, hot glue, attach a pin and a clip.  (Wearing options: sweater, shirt, bag, necklace, etc)

#8 - THE BUTTON COVERED CENTERS - Dawn sewed hers on, but I just hot glued.  Being careful to not drip any on my petals.

And since I'm really excited for my flowers, I thought I'd give you the chance to see them up close.  I hope you enjoy yours!!

P.S. If you want to see where I've made some of these before, check out my Reception Aprons.

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  1. Pretty, pretty flowers! Great color choices. They make me smile!

  2. These are too cute. I love the blue and orange one!


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