Loving Scarfs!

I found some awesome patterns from Megan's Brassy Apple that I will be purchasing soon...because they are irresistible.  Seriously, I know you want to get them, too!

In addition, I found the Pleated Knit Scarf from Ashley's Make it and Love it and knew I just need to whip one up with some left-over knit.

Pleated Knit Scarf...My Belly...My Toes

I had made an Infinity Scarf from this fabric previously, but still loved it.  Follow Ashley's tutorial for the know-how.

As for my measurements, I had 40"x35" fabric.  
I cut five 40" pieces.  
Cut one one of those in half.
Sew together 2 long and one half.
Lay wrong sides together on the floor.  
...Then follow her instructions for method.

Laid out ready to pin

Pinned and ready to sew

Finished Scarf that I love


  1. You look amazing! Cutest pregnant lady ever. And that scarf is so cute. I want to make one.

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