Boy Project: Puppy Dog Clothes

This was a fun and simple upcycle morning project: superhero shirt and cape for beloved Puppy Dog.

With BOYS in mind, check out Dana's "Celebrate the Boy" in February at MADE.  She rocks.

I had cut off some superhero pj's the kids had gotten for Daddy, so they were perfect for this project.

I used the bottom hem of the pants for the bottom of the shirt, sewed a line up for the shirt sides and across for the bottom arm holes.  Then I sewed a top line for the top arm seam.  I left the shirt sleeves and neck hole with a raw edge *gotta love knit.  Then he called for a cape.  I just cut a piece with ties attached = no sewing.

And well received!  This picture makes me smile.  I will be sad when Puppy Dog is on the shelf.  (and no, he didn't come with a button nose...he's had a nose job because of some intense love)

Speaking of toys on shelves, has anyone seen Toy Story 3 and about cried at the end?  Well done (again) and sad to see a goodbye to toys and little boys.

And then there was a baby that decided she needed a cape, too.  Just to fit in.  :)

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