Citrus Apron

It might have been the time change this week or perhaps the above 70 degree weather, but whatever it is, I've caught the spring bug. I'm going crazy with ideas to try, things to create, and long project lists. I'm having TONS of fun.

This is an apron inspired by this Pretty Ditty Apron I found on etsy. I didn't want to pay for the pattern, so I attempted to replicate it. I think it turned out pretty cute. {Thanks to Bethany for the material!} This specific apron looks pretty chesty, so if you're looking to increase your bust line - this is the one for you! :) I love the way the apron fits at your natural waist. Accenting our slimmest part is always exciting.

The unique thing about the Citrus Apron is its elastic in the top chest band. I think I made the material for the chest a bit long this time, next time I'll try a less ruffly one to make for a smaller chest. I also LOVE the pleats just under the waist band - so feminine. Overall, cute and it was done in time for St. Patrick's Day. I debuted it at book club that night; yeah for Freakonomics and Aprons.

What do you think? Good one? Too chesty?


  1. I LOVE this one!! So this is the 1st time I've checked out your website. I love it!! Are you selling these then? Email me.

  2. This apron is really beautiful!


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