Cupcake Elastic Waist Skirt

I was browsing through some super fun ideas and ran into this elastic waist skirt tutorial. I couldn't pass it up. Susan really gave such good directions. It was the first time I stretch the elastic while sewing, rather than sliding it through a casing. It really wasn't hard. You can do it and ultimately, the result is definitely worth trying something new.

MUST READ: the skirt is quite tenty. Or as a friend put it, "kinda feel like a cupcake." At least that is what I thought last night when I made it. There was no way I was going out in public in that. So I decided to chop of about 6 inches (I just hemmed it up) and now I have a dainty cupcake skirt to wear with your leggings of choice. I will be making another one of these for sure. I wore it today and enjoyed every minute. (note: next time I will not be doubling the amount of fabric, it really doesn't need that much bunching)

P.S. This was the first time I had put a "real" pocket in something and it was so easy. Really, the tutorial lays it out very well.


  1. yours has much less poof than mine. perhaps my fabric was too voluminous too:)

  2. Your skirt came out great! Good job on the pockets. :) I havent' done those yet but I have that same tutorial saved as things to try!


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