Non-Sewing: Shadow Box and Hanging Frame

I promise that although I haven't been posting as many aprons, I've still been busy doing lots of projects. My husband doesn't believe that I'll ever just be satisfied, and he's probably right. I know I'll always come up with something to make myself busier. That's what makes life so much fun. :) Here's two of my recent successes.

Growing up, my mom always had this poem on our wall. She gave it to me in a light-wood round frame. I thought I might be able to come up with something a little jazzy to hang on my wall. With some fun paper from Michaels some inspired homemade flowers, I think it turned out great. This is the first shadow-box creation I've done and I think I've discovered a useful niche for them.
In case you want the poem:

Come in
Come in. But don’t expect to find all dishes done;
all floors ashine
Observe the crumpled rug, the toys galore,
The smudge fingerprinted door,
The little ones we shelter here
Don’t thrive on spotless atmosphere.
They’re more inclined to disarray
And carefree, even messy play.
Their needs are great, their patience small.
All day I’m at their beck and call
It’s “Mommy come! Mommy see!”
Wiggly worms and red-scraped knee,
Painted pictures, blocks piled high,
My floors unshined, the days go by.
Some future day they’ll flee this nest.
And I, at last, will have a rest.
And which really matters more?
A happy child or a polished floor?

The second thing is a result of my excitement over the Vintage Graphics I found. The rod is from Ikea and had been holding some wire baskets. I swapped it for my white frame and ribbon. I think it is a perfect frame to showcase vintage images. It is very fun to look in my kitchen and see some more personality and color. I love it.


  1. soooo cute! after we talked about this i was looking for the vintage prints but didn't find this site. but i did find another and i love it! here it is:
    hope you enjoy it too!


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