Kitchen Curtains

I've had these made for a while now, but am still proud of my thrift and industriousness. I found these 5 table runners in the discount area of Ikea (by the check-out) and couldn't pass them up. I sewed three together (as they were) to make a perfect fit in my window. I used another as a valance. The last runner I used to make a casing for the back of the valance for the window bar to slide through. I also used the extra piece to make loops and ties for the drapes. I had seen drapes with ties on either side to use to tie the drapes up. As I considered how I was going to make these, I decided that a loop would do just fine on the front and ties in back. I think it made for easier tying. I roll the drape up with both hands and then tuck the ties up and through the loops for a sophisticated up-do. Very fun.


  1. I looked over the website with the elastic waist skirt with pockets again. It looks so doable! even the pockets are making sense. safe to say I'm of to get supplies today (hopefully!). :)


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