Living Room Drapes

We had plain living room curtains and I wanted to add some patterned material to them. I got this idea from my friend Meredith. She actually used two twin sheets, genius idea. My curtains had loops on the top that I cut off. I measured and cut material to go across the top and inside. My living room and kitchen are one room (I only live in 600 sq. ft.), there is a large red chair in my living room, but I want my kitchen blue. So the compromise is a little red and blue all together. It's a happy marriage. The blue bow on the drapes is just safety pinned on. I love the little touch it gives.

Meredith also used velcro on her drapes. I don't think our apartment even has studs in the walls, they are very difficult to find, so velcro is perfect. The velcro does come off without leaving a sticky residue. I will need to sew the velcro onto the fabric because it does tend to not want to stay stuck, otherwise it's a great system. I love it.

Leave me a link to visit on your velcro projects!

(*update April 17th - so the velcro has been coming off my drapes. {it did say NOT to put on material} However, since you can't sew it on because of the stickiness of the backside of the velcro, I have safety pinned particularly problem spots. It has done the trick! So, if you're going for something easy and temporary, these curtains will work perfect.)

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