Honey Wheat Bread

Wednesday was dough day and I enjoyed every minute. I have a weakness for good bread. Thus, carbs are friend and enemy. Here is my soft, but dense enough to hold up to a sandwich (i love that), honey wheat bread. I could have let it rise more, but I started late in the day and really wanted to go to bed, so I stuck it in the oven not quite risen 1 inch above the pan. Here is the recipe I followed to a T (I only added the 3 1/2 cups whole wheat flour). It tasted so good warm with honey on it. Mmmmm...
This is the Veggie Stew that paired perfectly with the bread. I followed this recipe for tomato soup. Really though, it wasn't very tomato-ee. I added extra carrots and zucchini and instead of small pasta, I used shells. Next time I will use small ditalini pasta, the shells were just too big (although they still tasted great!). I think I will add another 26oz can of petite diced tomatoes as well. This was a very good and hearty vegetable soup. Love it.

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