Let's Learn the Alphabet

So I'm really trying to get my 4-year-old to know his letters. This is a new addition to the kids room. I'm amazed how much my 2-year-old picks up from this as well.

I printed the letters (sized 650) out 4 to a page, cut apart, and then sat down at the computer with my kids to pick out pictures online that began with the right sound for each letter. This way they have a personal attachment to the letters and pictures (for example: space rainbows, monster motorcycle, princesses, and sword). I printed the pictures out, cut them, attached to the appropriate letter, wrote the lower case letter in the corner of each, and then laminated. They are now hung on the wall where both children can easily see.

My goal is to have letter time every day on this wall where we practice for as long as their attention span will allow. There is definite progress and I am very excited. My sweet boy is so excited to read by himself and is anxious to learn his letters. This of course makes the process a bit easier. Kudos to those who already have 4-year-olds who know their letters and/or can read!!

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  1. I taught for 7 years and I know how long this took you and I know it will pay off soon! You can play games with the letters: I spy the letter that starts the word ball...and have your child find the letter; or practice spelling his name; get a wand (kids love wands!) and he can point to the letter you call out or you can say a word and he points to the letter that starts it, or ends it...so many possibilities! :)


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