My First Zipper

Okay, so that sounds totally lame. But anyway, I really didn't know how to do a zipper and now I am full of knowledge. I am really excited about all the things that I can make. Be prepared for a future of {you guessed it} zippers!

My friend Kathy has a favorite staple denim skirt that she loves. Sadly though, the zipper broke. I took it upon myself to offer to fix it and in about 5 minutes, it was done. I went to you tube to find a video (look at her other videos on the sidebar to see how to do the left side and finish). It's much easier to see it done than read the manual - it's always easier when you see it done). I recommend that you find a project that needs a zipper and put one in! For real, it's no harder than a regular seam.

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