Pine Cone Wreath

I had run to the park with the kids and was pushing them on the swings when I looked down to see the tiniest little pine cones on the ground. I remembered this wreath and knew they would be so cute on my own version. This is what I came up with.

I am so into making flowers right now. It's easy to do in
front of the tv or while visiting or in the middle of making pb & j sandwiches. And they are so darn cute! All the fabric is tied onto the wreath so it can be interchangeable. I used a green foam ring from Joann's and got out my hot glue gun and glued about 1 million little pine cones onto it. After I went through about 40 mini glue sticks, this is what I got. Cute, "looks edible, like truffles" {my husband says...that means it must look good}, and versatile. I ended up just pinning the flower onto its tie band. It was too cute to permanently attach. I will need to for my hair or sweater or something!

P.S. Even though I think this one is pretty cute, Vanessa's is still better. The chunkiness of the big pine cones looks nicer. Besides, then you don't have to pick up one million baby pine cones to do it this way. :)

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