Having fun and stuff is coming

I've been having so much fun! My kids have been playing outside so much, but I've somehow figured out a way to do some crafting in between the popsicles and sand toys. I just got off my cooking and baking kick, now it's back to sewing.

I completed 3 projects in 2 days and I'll finish another tomorrow. The up-side is that I have a tutorial coming. The down-side is you have to wait until next Wednesday. I'm going to guest post on Ashley's blog Simply Designing. She's in the process of a move and I'm helping her fill in. I'll remind you, but make sure to check it out next Wednesday. I'm excited. It will be my first every guest blog.

I really want to tell you the fun things I've been doing, but I'm holding the suspense so you can be surprised. Talk to you soon!

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