Infinity Scarf

This is an awesome scarf! I'm excited to make more of these all different colors and varieties. They are so light and useful for spring, fall, and winter. You could cut them wider to make a thicker scarf or longer to be able to double around your neck. There are so many variations you could do. I'm ready to experiment. I found this idea at Meet Virginia. I love how colorful and bright they are!
You need: (different than her directions - hers made the scarf too long for me)
Knit fabric - 28" by 20"

Fold the fabric lengthwise, wrong sides together.

Hem one long side and one short side; turn inside out.

On the open end, fold in the fabric to cover the raw edge. Tuck the sewn closed end into the folded end and pin. Sew together.

Wear around town!

Seriously the easiest project out there. AND it makes your whole outfit have a different look.

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  1. oh my goodness.

    your blog is a gem!

    i love your blog roll too.

    great picks!


  2. This is a super cute idea. I remember when Meet Virginia did this...but I always love to see what everyone else does with ideas. Thanks for linking up!


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