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So I was gone for an extended weekend to visit family. It was a great trip. The first part was to visit cousins just the same age in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The kids played, had a slumber party, and practiced their love-hate relationship {all kids are good at that}.

The 2nd leg of our adventure was to a lodge in Swan Valley, Idaho. It is beautiful country. On Memorial Day weekend it always rains. I came prepared this year and brought rain boots and coats for all of us. It's super muddy, there are about 15 dogs {literally} that are running around outside the lodge, and a laid back reunion with LOTS of food. One meal is being cleaned up as the next people in charge of the next meal come in to start getting ready. Not a diet weekend.

SO THE EXCITING PART OF THE WEEKEND was that I brought two aprons to enter into the family auction. Every year family members bring things to auction off, from cheesy door welcome signs, to hot cocoa mugs, to hand made horse shoe coat hangers. I brought the Citrus Apron and the Ruffle Apron. The Citrus went for $32.50 {not bad} and the Ruffle went for $65! I should have brought more of those. And they are so much easier to make than the other! It was fun to show off my aprons.
Yesterday was a recovery, know, the "honey, the house exploded" day. Today I'm feeling much more back to normal {and the house agrees}.

So I have a couple of things to make. Really the list I want to get done before this weekend is kinda long...I'm not so sure I'll finish everything, but just so you can look forward to some things: 1) summer scarfs, 2) aprons, 3) baby burp cloths, 4) hooter hiders, 5) pillow cases, and 6) bow ties for baby gifts. Yup, not going to get it done.

So I found the cutest apron using old jeans! I haven't bought the pattern, but I think I'll figure out how to do it from the picture. So so cute!

Also, speaking of denim. I was at a "watch the train go by" play date with a friend and she pulled out this:
Her mom sewed it together after asking fellow church members to donate old jeans. It did weigh a ton, but is the perfect picnic blanket you'll ever need; it's not going to wear out anytime soon! I love how it is randomly patched together, yet really, is almost a perfect circle {when completely stretched out flat}. Just another reason not to throw out old jeans.

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  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2010

    just wanted to let you know i left you a blog award on my blog!!


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