Bow Ties

The wedding preparations press on. I was given the chance to make ties for my son and his cousin. I was going to go with the customary straight tie using this tutorial, but then decided upon a simple bow tie. The colors are black, white, and blue {like the ribbon flower color}. I love {love} love these! They are super simple to make and I plan on making many more. I used a silky fabric to make them look dressy, but they will be even easier with cotton {less sliding of fabric}. I can just imagine one for all seasons in his drawer. I think he might rebel. :)
Materials needed:
Fabric of choice (no more than a fat quarter will do perfectly, or cut about 1/4 yard)
16" of 5/8 wide Ribbon color of choice
Needle and thread
10" Soft non-sticky velcro
Cut all your pieces to begin.
Bow (the larger piece): 6 x 9 inches
Tie (the smaller piece): 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches
5/8 inch Ribbon: 16 inches
5/8 inch Velcro: 5" of each side

Fold the fabric in half length wise for the bow. Sew right sides together.

Fold the fabric in half for the tie in half, right sides together, and sew.

Turn both the bow and tie portions right side out. I didn't do any pressing because I wanted it to stay fluffy and less stiff.

Tuck in one end of the bow so the raw edge is hidden.

Get your needle and thread ready to sew.

Grab the other raw edge of the bow and tuck it inside the tucked under end from above.

It should look like this. Center the line on the bow.

Pinch together in the middle to create the bow shape.

Start by sticking your needle right through the middle of the bow.

And then go directly back again to the starting side.

Since your thread {should be} is double-knotted, we still want to make sure the thread does not slip out. When you are pushing your needle back to the first side, put the needle through the end loop of the thread. Pull tight. Your thread isn't going anywhere with this method.

Wrap your thread around the bow to get the desired shape, pushing the needle through every couple of passes to secure the hold. Tie off the needle and cut thread.

This is what you should have.

Cut your velcro {my velcro is smaller in this picture, however you'll want to cut it 5" to accommodate for smaller necks.

Lay the 1st piece of velcro on top of one of the ribbon ends and sew all the way around the velco in a rectangle shape.

Do this to the 2nd side also. *Make sure you attach them to opposite sides so they attach properly in the end.

This is what you should have now.

Prepare your needle again.

Find the center of your ribbon and attach to the back of the bow like so. **Make sure the velcro that will be facing the person's neck is the soft side {since it has potential to rub skin}.

Just as before with the bow, tuck one end of the tie into itself to hide the raw edge.

Instead of tucking one in another, simply wrap the side with the raw edge around the bow first, and then wrap the hidden edge around. The hidden edge end should overlap and cover the raw edge of the tie.

Scrunch on the front until the desired creases {or not} are there. Hold firmly.

This is what the back should look like. Then grab your needle and thread and hand sew the two sides of the tie together and to the back side of the bow, holding it all in place.

After sewing picture:

And this is one of the most adorable ties I have ever seen!! Aahh, LOVE it.


**These would be cute hot glued on a head band or little clippies. You could also sew them on pillows or bags.
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  1. Fabulous tutorial! And these turned out great!!! Way to go.

  2. This tutorial is wonderful...great pictures and directions. You can use the bow tutorial for other projects too.
    Thanks so much,

  3. these are cute!

    link party every monday for those that DIY their Style. come join us!

  4. Love it! Super Cute :-) I adore handmade items. They're so original. I love homemade altogether!

  5. These are very cute! Great tutorial!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Those are super cute!! I love the polka dots!

  7. Super cute! I love bowties on little guys! Great tutorial. Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are enjoying your week. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  8. Oh so cute! My lil man loves ties! I will have to make this for him!


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