Reception Aprons

They are finished! I'm so excited to have done these and to have them done. I think they turned out very uniform, yet classy and individual. The bottom hem is matching and the flower pin is different fabric but the same pattern. My mom-in-law bought the black base aprons. {I'm grateful I didn't have to make all of those}. They came in a 3-pack for under $10. This is a great way to spruce it up. I'm heading to her house tomorrow and can't wait to see what she thinks.
The flowers are so so so cute. They were a bit time-consuming, but that's what happens when you make 10 of them. I found the tutorial for the flowers here - thanks Dawn!

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  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    So cute! Where did your mom-in-law find such inexpensive aprons?

  2. The aprons and flowers are awesome! Good Job Bonnie!

  3. Megan, she found them at Sam's Club for $10 for 3 aprons in a package. She said they also had white and green. Awesome find!


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