Reception Apron Sneak Peek

So I'm really trying to push through on the aprons. This is a little peek into my night tonight:
Hopefully I'll be able to show you a finished product tomorrow night. We'll see what the children let me get done tomorrow.

So, I have another random thing for you. When is the last time you cleaned out your measuring spoon drawer? Yah, I did today. I had 6 sets, YES 6 sets, of measuring spoons in there! When did that happen? How did I get so many and from where? Well, I got rid of the plastic ones and have kept the rest. Sure I don't really need 4 sets, but I really like metal measuring spoons and it's so handy if you don't have time to do dishes in between baking different things. How many sets do you have in your drawer?

monogramP.S. Over at Creation Corner Tasha has posted about the Dehlia Felt Brooch. Check out her blog! So many good ideas. (I love the superhero party cape idea...seriously...go look).

PhotobucketP.P.S. Someday Crafts has ALSO posted about the Dehlia Felt Brooch. Today she is doing a linky flower party. Who doesn't love fabric flowers!!!? Go look. :)


  1. 3 sets, sometimes I wish for another.

  2. I could mail you one of mine! Seriously, let me know.


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