Ice Cream Cone Cakes

This is the creation from last night. I have a group of friends that get together before upcoming holidays. We share our own traditions to glean good ideas from each other. We bring food that we like to eat for that holiday and craft ideas {with a sample project}. Last night we talked about birthdays, Memorial Day, and Father's Day.

Here are some of the ideas:
- decorate with crate paper and balloons the night before, your child wakes up to the decorations
- have their baby book on the kitchen table to look at in the morning
- only have as many friends as they are old at a birthday party {so they aren't overwhelmed}
- a special dinner plate
- they get to choose the meal
- everyone writes nice notes to the birthday person
- measure their height
- breakfast in bed

- family picture day
- visiting graves
- makes dolls that represent those passed on for children to learn and play at the same time

- make a personal grilling apron
- their choice of dinner
- breakfast in bed
{we focused mostly on birthdays, so we didn't get tons of ideas here}

Since I hosted the night, I made a ice cream cone cakes. They aren't necessarily a tradition now, but I think they would be a fun one to start. They are so easy and fun for the kids.

*The key to making them the easy way is to fill your cupcake papers like usual and then just set a cone on top. The cones will tilt in the cooking process, but that makes it more fun. Enjoy your cake! And let me know if you have any good traditions for these holidays.


  1. Hey Bonnie,
    I just discovered this blog. For some reason I didn't know it existed and I'm just now discovering the extent of your craftiness! So awesome. I loved the fruit snack on the glasses post by the way. That was funny. I look forward to keeping up with this blog. So many fun things!

  2. These are really cute and look really yummy!!

    Thanks so much for linking up! I hope to see you next week!

    -Ashley @

  3. These look so yummy, I'll have to try this idea for the next kids party I have.

    ~Cristi @


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