File Folder Activities

I have had this project for a while and decided to bite the bullet and finish it today. I really like how they turned out. These are file folder activities/games that teach your child something as they play. I got most of these ideas from File Folder Fun for FREE. Some of the ones I made my kids can do alone and others I will have to read them or help them play. This just means that they will grow with us. I made 11 total and I'm feeling very proud of them right now. It took quite a bit of time putting them together. The kids love them already. The ones I printed involve: numbers, letters, rhyming, patterns, colors, counting, line drawing precision, manners, shapes, senses, and matching. Love it!! Let me know if you find any other good free file folders. There are so many possibilities.

P.S. It's actually felt rejuvenating to take a day off from the wedding flowers. Tomorrow, here I come.

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