Fabric Flower Corsage

So this is the last thing that I have for the wedding right now. The mothers and grandmothers will be wearing these instead of real flowers. The nice thing about this is that they are easily transferable to the next reception a week later - and at no extra charge for purchasing them again {unlike real flowers}. There will be some real flowers at the wedding, but these you don't have to worry about dying or sticking yourself with a pin.

I think they are so much fun because of their versatility. They will look nice with the wedding party and then later to wear around town, on your bag, on a belt, on your wrist, you name it. I found the great tutorial from Vanessa's blog V and Co. I recommend you make lots of these!

{I really was talking on the phone, but I wanted to take a picture right then...so there you have it. A picture of me on the phone with my Mom. Aren't moms great!}

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  1. Bonnie, I'm so in love and impressed. I adore wearing brooches/corsages. I love them as gifts and just to jazz everything up. You are a clever and modest girl with such talents.


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