Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch

I found this amazing flower with tutorial {thank you Jen} and decided to make it in honor of Mother's day. Glad I did. This is from Holidash - a blog about holidays and making them beautiful. Very fun.

I called a friend and we had a girl crafty party after the kids went to bed. We ate artichokes {they are such good conversation food} and made felt flowers. An evening can't get much better.
I just love these flowers. Who knew felt could look so good! The orange flower has netting on the top underside and a button for the center. The cream flower has a small twisty flower {see head band tutorial} in its center. I even thought that it would be so cute to make a variety of centers with velcro sewn onto the back that could be changed out to match different outfits.

If you're following the tutorial from Holidash, this is what I did differently. I still cut the pieces the same and the same amount. You only need one sheet of felt for this project.

However, I used hot glue instead of felt or other glue. This goes much quicker although more stringy.

The easiest way I found to glue the petal together was to pre-fold the petal to the gluing position, then open it up just enough to put a small line of hot glue in. This was quite efficient. The rest {besides different centers and eliminating the picture pouch on the back} was the same. I hope you make one with your own twist!

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  1. these are so beautiful! also, I'm making an apron for my mom and I'm totally looking over your whole bog for ideas!! yours are so pretty, i adore the lotta. i also googled apron patterns and found 51 free ones on tipnut.com. we'll see how this goes ...

  2. THAT is beautiful!
    What an easy, inexpensive and fun project for a daughter of mine!
    Thanks for showing this to us!
    And thank you for stopping by my home!
    We love aprons at our house!
    We even have a potrack in our kitchen that holds our collection! :)
    Blessings to you as you make your home beautiful!

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  4. Meredith, Anthropology has some AMAZING ideas to look at to. I checked out tipnut.com and it has some good stuff.

    Leslie, that's a good idea to use a pot rack. I really want them displayable and usable. Thanks for the idea!

  5. How lovely!! I've been meaning to make some felt flowers.

    Hopping over from New Friend Friday.


  6. visiting from New Friends Fridy....love this!

  7. Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I really like this flower broach you have created! I will have to try my hand at it too. Thanks for sharing!

    The orange flower is my favorite.

  8. Gorgeous! I love this flower! Thanks for linking this up.

  9. Wow! I'll have to try these. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I saw that same tutorial and have been dying to try it! Thanks for the hot glue tip; I was not looking forward to waiting for the glue to dry!

  11. This is fantastic! I would love for you to link up to Flower Week @ Singing Three Little Birds! And any other flower projects you may have!

  12. Those are so sweet, they look amazing with a cardigan. Very 1940's. I think I'll try making one. :) erica

  13. This is soooo fabulous!!! I love love LOVE it!! You should come link up at my Friday link party! Cute blog!

  14. This is gorgeous! I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. Grab my "featured" button.

  15. This turned out so beautifully! I've had it on my list to make since I saw the tutorial on holidash as well!

  16. I am completely in love! Seriously. I am posting about it on my blog today. (Giving the credit back to you of course) I am so excited I found your blog. You have so many fabulous things. Love love love the apron you recently made too.

  17. They are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for your adds on the tutorial, I will definitely be trying this one. I hope mine turns out as lovely as yours.

  18. Pretty darn good! It really looks good on that dress in the picture. The other picture shows how to fold the cloth in making a brooch, but I hope there's a more detailed steps or demo video. Anyhow, good enough to get me hooked on this page.

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