Fresh Raspberry Pie

Have you been watching "So you think you can dance"?  I'm totally in to it.  I'm vying for Melanie or Sacha for the girls and maybe Tad for the boys.  How about you?

The show airs on Wednesday night and on Thursday I still hadn't watched it yet.  As luck would have it, I got a call from a friend bribing me with Fresh Raspberry Pie if I let her crash my place to watch with me.  And she even provided hamburgers for all of us.  I took the deal.

Both our kids played, we watched, we ate, we talked dance,  and she left some awesome pie for me.  I'm in love with pie.
I know my Father-in-law will love me forever if I get this recipe for him.  He gags at all fruit but raspberries (weird to gag at fruit, but it's true).  This will get his attention!

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