Girly Hooter Hider

I love a good girly hooter hider, especially when the mom is having a boy.  It should be all about mom's personality and feeling pretty, she's the one wearing it!

I loved making this hooter hider *yes I know they are also called nursing covers...but that's not a very fun name*.  Little man K's preschool teacher is expecting boy #2 and I couldn't resist this last gift when school ended. 

For those looking to make one, they are easy and make fun gifts.  It takes less than a yard of material and some boning.  Next one I make I'll have to do a tutorial.  Cheers to the pregos out there!


  1. I am getting my daughter a hooter hider for a shower gift. I'm wondering if I should get more than one so she can change it out to clean. Is it drip-dry or can it be thrown in the dryer? I'm wondering because of the stiffener in the collar.

  2. Sanrio, congratulations on your grandbaby!! I think one is plenty. It really doesn't need to be cleaned often since it's not used for burping. I usually drip-dry mine but I think I've dried it once and it was fine. The boning in the stiff collar stayed put and the right shape. Since it is just light cotton, it dries quickly and if I needed to nurse while it dried, then using a blanket for a time was just fine. That being said, two is fun to have and could be convenient...keeping one in the diaper bag and one in the house or car, etc. Have fun!


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