Valance to Apron

This is all about repurposing your window treatments!  

A while ago I made this kitchen valance.  Then I decided that I didn't like the color palette (remember how I'm doing blue and white now...).  I took it down and the received several comments from people asking where it went.
One of my good friends had really liked it.  So I decided to give her two choices 1) have the valance or 2) I would turn it into a half apron for her.

Apron it was...and is.

I could have added pom-poms to the bottom, or a ruffle, or pockets, or etc, etc, etc.  But I decided that it was cute how it was.  I cut off a section of the valance, hemmed that side, and attached some ribbon ties.  Done and done.  She loves it and I'm happy that is made someone's day.
Speaking of repurposing window treatments, remember how I used a panel to make a crib skirt?  Seriously, so many possibilities.  

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  1. You have done a very good job buddy. Apron looks fabulous & i like the color the most. Bow ribbon gives it a different look and it's a cool stuff.
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