On my doorstep today

The kids always get excited when someone knocks on the door.  And thankfully wait for me before swinging it open to whatever unsuspecting person is on the other side.

Today I opened it to some Marionberry Pie in the most quaint jar.  I had never even seen pie in a jar before and this was so perfectly beautiful.  It pays to have awesome neighbors.  I'd eat dinner at Carrie's house every night!

I did have to open the lid right on my doorstep.  Seriously.  Look at the work that went into this sweet morsel!

The crust was awesome.  Flaky yet doughy and the tartness/sweetness of the berries matched perfect with it. I am one lucky girl.


  1. lucky!! looks so yummy:)

  2. Can you please get this recipe for me? Now that I'm in the presidency, I have found the desire to make surprising goodies for people!


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