Blue and White, Minus the Nautical Vibe

I finally have a color palette for our downstairs.  (Everyone cheer please!)  I have always loved blues and should have just known, but now it's decided.  I love a navy blue with crisp white.  It's clean, it's classic, and it's so pretty.  Yea!!

I picked up this coffee table at a garage sale.  (Along with the $3 sander!)  And put the kids to work.  Really though, they were so excited to sand.  

After a couple paint coats, wa-lah, I have a fabulous blue coffee table.

Question for you: The top seems a little sticky.  Has anyone had this problem and remedied it somehow?  Is there a solution to coat the paint with that seals it more, so it isn't sticky?



This pillow is my inspiration.  I LOVE it.  I found it at Target several months ago and had to buy it.  Now, I can't find it anywhere.  I would love fabric like this for my kitchen valance.  Has anyone seen this for purchase somewhere?  

And I love how it's blue and white but not nautical.  I'm thinking navy and white chevron would make for good pillows too.  Really, I just want to find all the blue and white fabric possibilities out there.  So please send me your favorites if you find any!


  1. Ok if you figure out how to fix your stickiness, be sure to post about it! because i have two sticky end tables! They attract dust like crazy which is unseemly, but makes them less sticky, and when i clean them off they're newly sticky again! argh!

  2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    Love your color combo. My dream living room is navy blue and white with tan, especially jute / sisal / other natural fibers. My dream kitchen is hydrangea blue and white.

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    Anonymous = Rachel D, btw. My browser has serious issues with your blog. grr.

  4. Okay, two things. 1) Paint DOES take very long to cure/dry--even when it's 'dry' to the touch, the under layers can take a while, especially if they were thick layers. Plus it's humid here, so that doesn't help the process. So, I'd say if this was happening just for a few days or even a week after it was painted, that would be expected (but it's been longer than that, huh?)

    SO, 2) I would try giving it a few coats of poly--plus you'll want the extra protection that gives you since this is a coffee table in a well-used space. I'd use Polycrylic (since it's water-based) instead of Polyurethane--the kind I love is on the stain aisle at HD, in a blue can. You have to really pay attention to the drying times in between coats, don't jump the gun (I think it's about 4 hrs in between, but go longer if it's drizzly outside). Put a thin coat on, let it dry the alotted time, then sand lightly with 220 sand paper, wipe off dust, apply a second coat, then repeat until your third coat is dry.

    Just because I was curious, I googled it too and this is what I found (you could also try this blow-dryer method, but it also could be caused by the surface under the paint):

    Good luck. Keep us posted! (Oh yeah, and LOVE the color combo, AND congrats on coming to a decision!) Uh-hem.. and sorry for the novel.

  5. This is awesome! I really like it and i appreciate our idea to combine the blue with whites. Really a dream home room and i am also going to try something new from your creation.


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