Taco Cones

Last week we ate the same thing for dinner about 4 nights in a row.  Lame.  I love the costco unbaked tortillas with sliced chicken patties and veggies, but it feels so un-creative.

I've stepped it up for this week.  

You might remember these from an earlier post (with recipe).  They are SO much better with the unbaked tortillas (baked before eating...of course).  I was feeding a crowd, so I added taco beef as well to the mix.  

Par-tay in your mouth.  

And in case you didn't know, one of my favorite things is a full bottle of Shout Spray-n-wash.  It's a funny thing to be gleeful about, but I can't help myself.

Another random thought - today we were at the park and I was glad it wasn't my kid who took of their pants and decided to run around naked.  That can't make going down the slide any easier.  :)

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