Ay Ay, Matey, Here's my TREASURE MAP

So you can make dresses for girls, you can make cute ruffle swimsuits, you can make flower bows for their hair, bracelets, necklaces, shirts, skirts, and tutus.  So the real question...what about our boys??

I've decided to undertake the question.  I'm beginning my own series of boy inspired sewing ideas (and if you have some for me - send them my way to be featured).  This doesn't mean they aren't fun for girls, just that they ARE for boys.

You will see other projects in between, but be on the lookout for some boy love.

Up first is the TREASURE MAP!

We've been exploring a lot of model homes recently and one of them had a boy room decorated like this.  So this is our first inspiration.  (P.S. We really like this house)

Our second inspiration is a book I checked out at the library with ocean activities in it.  It had an idea to make a treasure map in it.  This is my buddy's interpretation.  I love it.

I told him I would make one out of fabric that he could use for a long time.

We had so much fun making this together.  We sat down with my 2 pairs of fabric scissors and cut out little pieces for the different obstacles.  His were quite wonky and square and chunky.  This means they were perfect.  I just used them as they were.  I think this gave him a sense of ownership as well.

Then I shortened my stitch length all the way, did a zig zag stitch, and wa-lah, the pieces were stuck on! (I was intimidated to do this and now I don't know why.  If you need some encouragement, leave me a comment and I'll cheer you on!)

This is it in process.  I did a big square of blue fabric for the ocean and cut out a large island and sewed it on the same way as the small pieces with a shortened stitch length.

After we cut out the little pieces, I pinned them in place and got to work.  Sew on every edge of fabric.

Then we were ready to play.  He didn't want to wait for me to hand sew the trail to follow, so we played with it like this for the day.  We ended up setting up the whole house as the island - same obstacles in towel, pillow, and stuffed animal style.

I made patches for all our eyes with some cereal cardboard and thin elastic stapled to the sides.  They thought I was pretty cool.  Points for mom!

After they went to bed, I was able to hand sew the trail of x's.  I think this turned out really cute and they really can play with it for a long time to come.

And for some close-up shots.

Be brave, make something new.  I think it would be fun to do the same thing for my little girl - princess style.  Let me know when you make one, I'd love to see it!  What do you think?

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  1. Cute blog, Bonnie! I found it via Sew Much Ado. I was looking through it and thought, "Hey! I know that gal!" I was friends with your hubby in high school and we have met a couple of times.
    Any way, I love that you are coming up with fun boy projects. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. OMG sooo adorable. We need to play and find treasure with the map.

    And where is the house you like? close by?

  3. what a great idea... i am hoping my son will choose a pirate themed bday party this year... cause i am into pirates J. i'm your newest follower from nff. i'd love for you to consider checking out my blog too!

  4. WOW...now that is cool! I found you through the blog hops & I am now following!


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