Earring Hanger Tutorial

This past weekend has been a fun one for us.  We had my husband's parents stay the night, I made some really tasty food, and I still squeezed in some sewing.  I'm very excited to show you what I concocted.

Here is my Earring Hanger

The reasons I like it are 1) it works for all my dangly earrings and 2) it also works for all stud earrings.

I think it turned out really functional and also classy looking.  I like the black and white/cream colors so it will match with lots of things and not be an eye-sore with different decorating colors.  That's just me.  

You could make it match your decor as a splash of color.  It really is a fun and versatile project.  It would also be a great gift for a sister, cousin, mom, or friend.

What you need:
Fabric of choice (I used a remnant piece from the home decor fabric bin at Joann's - size 17"width x 18 1/2" length - add an extra inch if not surging the edges)
Thicker cotton lace

I ironed my fabric.  I like this piece because it is already surged around the edges. 
NOTE: if you are not surging around the edges, then you need to add 1" to the width and length when cutting.  Then roll edge over and hem so the raw edge is encased.  

I cut two pieces of ribbon for the top loops (*I think I actually would do 4 - I'm going back to do 2 more on mine).  Cut them big enough to fold in half, sew on, and allow at least a small dowel to go through.  Adjust the length according to the dowel you want to use.

Here's mine looped and ready to sew on.

When they are sewn, it should look like this.

Cut your ribbon to the width of your fabric and burn the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.  
Cut your lace 1" to 1 1/2" longer than your ribbon - fold over the edges of your lace and stitch to close the raw edge. 
I closed one lace raw edge and then holding it up against the ribbon, folded the other edge.  I wanted them to meet as close as possible in length.

After stitching your lace on 2 lengths of ribbon, line up the ribbon in the desired spots and pin.  I made sure mine were far enough apart that my dangly earrings could hang without overlapping the next row.

I pinned the bottom ribbon right on the bottom edge of the fabric so the lace hung past the fabric length.

On the lace ribbons, sew all the way down the length of the ribbon.

 It should look like this afterwards.  The lace should be loose from the fabric.

For the other 3 ribbons, I sewed them across the short length of the ribbon on the edges of the fabric first.  Then I divided the ribbon in 8ths and sewed it on at the marks.

This is what it should look like (from the back view).

This is the finished product.  

And here's the wall hanging view.  Once again, I would put 4 loops on the top instead of 2.  The weight of the jewelry makes the middle sag without the extra loops.  

Enjoy your earrings AND not having to dig through the box of them trying to find a matching pair.

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  1. Super cute idea! I really like that it can match any decor this way!

  2. Oh I love this! Thanks for sharing! We are your newest followers!


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