Wedding: Clean-up Girls' Cafe Apron

After making the larger aprons for the wedding, we realized that the girl's who were on clean-up duty needed something as well.

If you want to make something cute and fast.  This is it.

The materials:
black cloth napkins for the apron body
coordinating fabric to add color
ribbon for ties
sheer ruffle lace for the bottom
sheer lace and sparkly buttons for the flowers

Measure your cloth napkin and cut a strip of coordinating fabric (the blue in the picture) about 2" x (the length of the napkin + 2 inches).  

I used the long ribbon as a tie - keeping it in one piece.  I centered it on the napkin and sewed all around it on top of the napkin.  It added perfect detail with the little white dashing on the sides of the ribbon.

Cut the sheer ruffle lace with about 1-1 1/2" to spare for tucking under at the edges.
Iron your napkin to get rid of fold lines.
Iron in long sides of coordinating fabric about 1/4".
With sides folded under, line coordinating fabric up on the bottom of your napkin and sew on top.  Make sure to fold under the short end before beginning.  Sew all around the edges.
As you come to the opposite edge, fold down the fabric enough so edges meet.  It will probably be a different length than the other side - that's fine.
Once the coordinating fabric is on, line up the sheer ruffle lace.  I left room on the napkin to put this right over the existing seam line.  Fold under one end about 1/4-1/2" (whatever works best for you) and hem across.
Line up the center of the napkin with the center of the long ribbon tie (measured to your liking), pin, and sew all around the border on top of the napkin.

You will end up with this.  So cute!
I used some sheer lace and hand sewing a line, cinching the fabric together, and sewing the twisted layers in place, will give you this.  I used a sparkly button and sewed the flower in place on the apron.

Simple, girly, and cute enough for a wedding.  Yea!


  1. I love this idea! And it's simple I could probably make that's exciting :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie! You made my day! Glad you're following now! Look forward to hearing from you again sometime.


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