My Monster and Me

Next up on the boy list is MONSTERS!  I think you might want to make one as well.

Here's the how-to:

Take two pieces of felt the same size.  Lay them on top of each other.

Drawing with a permanent marker, decide the shape and layout of your monster.  Let the kids help you decide on the shape: hair, spikes, round or square head, lots of arms, tiny arms, feet or pogo foot, skinny or large, etc. 

Cut out your creature.  I cut about 1/4" inch outside the line to allow for a seam.

You should have two cutouts of the same creature on top of each other.

I pulled out my button collection and let the kids choose their button eyes.  I then hand sewed them on.

I cut out a wiggly round "growling" mouth and a couple teeth.  Then I sewed with the shortest stitch length possible around each piece to hold them onto the monster's face.

They should look something like this.  I put the matching shapes right side together and sewed all around the monster leaving an opening about 5 inches.  I had the kids help stuff them with Cluster Stuff, a small ball, soft fill - much better than batting for stuffed animals.  I hand sewed the opening.

Here's another cute monster from Little Bit Funky, she even sells them in her shop.

If you have some monsters to show off.  Comment me and I'll include them in this list!

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