Felt Peony Flower Brooch

I had so much fun with the Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch that I've decided to make some alterations on the design.  Instead of points on the ends of the flowers, we now have rounded curves.  I really think the netting is a nice compliment of textures with the felt.  As for the center, it can be made of felt, other coordinating fabric, a fabric covered button, or (as I choose here) a regular button.  The fun part about making them is that they are quick, there's lots of colors to choose from, and they really add a *pop.* 

I have some other ideas up my sleeve, but would you like a tutorial for this one?

For your own comparison, here is a live peony.

As a side note: I'm really enjoying the free berry picking in the Pacific Northwest.  Let me tell you that fresh blackberries with Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream...oh, delicious.  The sweet and tartness from the berries with the creamy sugar of ice cream is perfect.  A midnight treat has never been so good.

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  1. Yes yes! It's beautiful!!

  2. A) YES I want a tutorial! I'm moron and need to see how to do it.

    B) SOOOO jealous of your free berries. They look amazing!

  3. I love the felt flowers! They are beautiful! I love workin with felt! I am a follower!

  4. I think that is the Best flower broach I've seen yet! Love it! :) I love all of your flowers! :)


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