Wall-E Blanket

To continue with our boy theme, it's time for a guest spotlight!

This is Amy.

She's one of my super crafty friends who has a second nature for seeing something and creating it herself.  She loves "Enchanted" and really can make herself a dress from drapes.  She likes Birkenstocks and stilettos equally.  Her favorite color is yellow.  Something unique about her is that she was born and spent her younger years growing up in Saudi Arabia.  She has also lived in Tonga for a year and a half.  She make a mean asian chicken salad.  Although she does not have an affinity to baking cookies, she makes delicious apple blueberry pie.  She's kind, open-minded, a great listener, and completely real.  And if you see her examining the sidewalk, don't worry, she really likes ants.

Today I'm showing off the Wall-E blanket she made for her little buddy.  She wanted to make something unique and special that her son would like and this fit the bill.  It turned out so beautiful and I wish you could see in person.  I know beautiful is a funny word for Wall-E, but I'm really talking about the handi-work.  :)

To give you a better view of all the individual stitching, I captured some close-up photos.  She cut every piece out of felt first, positioned, pinned, and sewed her life away.  Her little boy has loved this blanket.  The back fabric is fleece and it is connected with a corresponding piece of fleece, then held together with a binding.

Isn't this detail amazing.  I should hire her.  I know she would appreciate some comment love!

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  1. Dang Amy, you are brilliant! If only I'd taken advantage and learned from you when we were there :( Great job!

  2. Hello, came here from Tea Rose Home. I love the animation Wall-E a lot and hit your link right away. I really love all the details you put into Wall-E. It's cute!

  3. Wow. Just wow. I sew, but not like that.
    Genius mixed with love.


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