The End of the Royal Wedding

So I will finally stop talking about "the wedding" that has been looming over us.  However, I do have to give you a couple more pictures to show you how fabulous it turned out.

Aren't they adorable!  This was a dancing picture during the reception.
 Here's my token self-portrait.  I didn't even get any pictures with the bride on my camera, so this will suffice to tell you that I was really there.  (even though we're in the car on the way there)  My buddy was wearing his BOW TIE, my girlie a FLOWER CORSAGE that I made.  It was fun to see everything in use.
 Yah, I don't think she knew I was going to put this picture in a public place.  Actually I took it and showed her and her comment was, "you can delete that one."  Sorry, not anymore.  :)  Look at those ZIPPER FLOWER HEADBANDS!  I love it.
Isn't this beautiful.  This was the eating area.  The food area was behind me to the left under a gazebo and the dessert area to my right under the fire pit area.  At night the whole thing was lit up with white Christmas lights, tiki torches, and candles.  The sunset happened about halfway through and we had a perfect view of the lake from our viewpoint.

The house that we used for the reception was a friend's.  My sis-in-law was their nanny last summer and they just moved into this house 5 weeks ago.  When they found out she was getting married, they offered the house for free for the reception.  So so nice.  It was the first time I had met the homeowners and they were so gracious and helpful and flexible.
 I love the chair covers.  You would never know that simple brown folding chairs could look so classy.
 Here is the apron showcase in action.  I've been so excited to take pictures of the RECEPTION APRONS while being used.  

There was one at the drink table.
 One cutting the tri-tip.  
 One with the desserts.  Natalie is so much fun.
 And one running the kitchen.  Lori was awesome.
The fruit claimed another.  I love Kathy.
 And of coarse the CLEAN-UP GIRLS' APRONS.  Don't they look cute?
I'm so glad I got do so much to help.  We set up, we ran it, we took it down again.  It was beautiful and classy and elegant and a perfect night.  My mom-in-law did an amazing job preparing for and setting it all up.  She's one awesome lady that I'm really glad to be related to.  Isn't family the best?!


  1. Hey, I know Kathy! How funny is that. Was this wedding in the Sacramento area? Her family and my husband's family are good friends. She is such an amazing lady. What a small world

  2. The zipper flowers are just gorgeous! Who knew you could make zippers look so chic!! I love the aprons.. I have been following your blog for a few weeks and I'm glad to see pics of this wedding and all the goodies you made! Way to craft!


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