Little Black Dress

I had so much fun making this dress.  The extra fun part was that it was my first full-body clothing for myself.  I copied a shirt-dress from Gap that I have and I think it turned out quite cute.
I put darts up the back of it, ribbon hemmed around the bottom, made gathered sleeve (love them!), and added the beads along the neck line.  

The beads come that way on netting.  I found them and Joann and just hand sewed them on and trimmed off extra netting.

I DID end up wearing a black belt which made for a better choice.  And of coarse, paired it with a nice pair of stilettos.  Comfy, cute, and handmade.  Can't get much better than that!

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  1. You look totally fabulous! I'm really impressed. And I think the gold belt looks great.

  2. ooh! Totally sassy! I love it :) BTW, finally got a bed!! WOOHOOO!

  3. And to top it all off - you just look so pretty in it. It's VERY you. Can't wait to see more clothing you sew.

  4. Bonnie, I am absolutely smitten by your homemade black Gap copycat dress. The sleeves are my favorite too!

  5. Wow this is AWESOME! It's so trendy and cute! I just started making dresses, too. It's so much fun!

  6. YEAH FOR BONNIE!!!!! I saw you on Sew Much are awesome! Love you and miss you much!


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