"Go Team" Cafe Apron

The whole time we lived in California we were close to my husband's parents.  Luckily, there was a cool uncle for the kids to play with still living at home.  My brother-in-law is now beginning his freshman year at BYU!  Congrats!  And in honor of his moving forward, I made something special.

There's actually 3 parts to the gift.

1) In the past year, after lots of tests, they realized he is lactose intolerant big time.  Even if something is cooked that had a milk product in it, his stomach (not intestines) will kill him for the next 3 days.  SO I put together a milk-less cookbook for him of easy meals for a freshman...and maybe a couple of easy ones with extra ingredients to impress the ladies.

2) All college kids are starving students, so I will be sending a box of some fun food items with the cookbook.  And probably a couple of ingredients/spices for the recipes.

3) AND this is an apron blog right?  It's high time I made another apron to post.  So here you are.  I wanted to make a team apron for the upcoming football season anyway, so this was perfect timing.  It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty cool - and manly enough for him to wear.  (Although my husband thinks all aprons are girly no matter what material they're made from).  I think I need to make one for myself now.  A cafe apron is great for team sports anyway because when you're serving nachos or buffalo wings you don't really need a full apron anyway.  Go make yourself one!

I used skinny ribbon for the ties.  So much easier and less time consuming than flipping ties right-side out.  
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